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Discuss about computers & Internet, software & applications, virus/windows. Including mobile phones, home appliances & other gadgets

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 #273  by Ha1Tien
 Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:04 pm
There are numerous people who dabble in DIY electronics or associated hobbies.

VietNam is a comparative backwater for electronic components - I always use circuits that are a couple of years old so you can be assured there is stock in the country!

There are two large distributors here - both in Ha Noi - but they make great use of the courier services of VNPT/Buu Dien and Viettel. Of the two, I have found VNPT/Buu Dien to be the better as you can arrange pickup at your local postal sorting office.

MinhHaGroup.Com >http://banlinhkien.vn/<
Linhkien69 >http://linhkien69.vn/cuon-cam_c217.aspx<

Both have web sites, both are pretty good operationally BUT they are unilingual Vietnamese - so use https://translate.google.com/ to interpret their pages.

You select the products, with part numbers, and they will do a price confirmation and stock check as well as calculating shipping costs. I recommend you select Buu Dien / Express.

Within a day or two you will receive a reply, in Vietnamese, detailing the total AND the bank to where you send your money.

Payment is best done through a bank transfer. For those who have never used bank transfers, simply choose the bank you wish to use. Minh Ha uses Vietcombank; Vietinbank; DongAbank; Agribank and Linhkien69 uses Vietcombank and Vietinbank. (Bank account details are on the web sites)

You will be charged a small transfer fee. Once you have made payment either send SMS or E-mail con firming payment notifying them of the payment. The goods will be shipped the evening of the weekday you pay and delivery will be 2 days later. Courier tracking numbers will be sent to you.

Are they Trustworthy?
Yes, yes, yes! For VietNam these suppliers (and VNPT Express) have provided service that compares with any in North America or Europe. Besides, if you have a complaint, the VN Government is extremely hard on fraudsters.

If you still have a complaint, send me a message, my companies buy thousands of dollars of product each month and they listen!

Both have refund systems - subject to time constraints - details on the web sites.

The BIG problem is communicating, unless you have a VNese spouse. What I do is to write the information in English using short, simple sentences (Google restraint). Then I translate them to Vietnamese. Then I send both English and Vietnamese in an e-mail.

It works!

Coming soon is the Techie's shopping Guide for HCM!